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New Patients



  1. Bring your picture ID and insurance/health savings cards you plan to use. As a courtesy, we can call and verify your coverage depending on time and availability. If you don't have insurance, no problem. We accept cash, check or credit card.

  2. People with appointments have higher priority than people who walk-in without an appointment. So, call us ahead of time at (859) 303-7000 to schedule your AND your family members' appointments.

  3. We have a ZERO BALANCE POLICY. Payments are expected at the time of service.

  4. If you recently have had x-rays, MRI, or CT scans taken, please bring the written report that the radiologist typed. If you don't have this, call your doctor's office and have them email the written x-ray/MRI/CT report to officemanager7171 at gmail dotcom.

  5. If you are in severe pain or incapacitated, weak, have bouts of dizziness or vertigo, please have someone else drive you to our office and back to your home afterwards for your own safety.

  6. Please show up 15 minutes before your appointment if your paperwork is not FILLED OUT completely BEFORE coming into our office.   Otherwise your First Visit will take about an hour, depending on your condition, your ability to walk/move, complexity of your case, whether you enjoy talking about your neighbor or pets or other unrelated life stories, and whether the doctor recommends some adjunctive therapies to relieve your symptoms, etc.

  7. Wear simple clothing. Avoid shirts or jeans with too many bling-bling metallic decorations and emblems. NO METALLIC ITEMS.  For x-ray purposes, we will ask you to remove metal objects from your body or clothes such as belt buckle, most bras with wires and hooks, earrings, necklace, piercings (tongue, belly button, etc.), coins, pocket knive, tools, etc.  So, to save you time and hassle, avoid wearing too many metal items.

  8. If you have kids or a baby, no need to scramble for a sitter. They'll do fine here.  Uncontrollable children that may harm others or destroy our properties, however, may be given an espresso, a free puppy and may be sold to circus.

  9. If you have been here before but it's been over three months, or if you had a recent injury or accident, we will still be required to do a reevaluation / examination before we start any care, to make sure we don't miss anything, to update your records, etc.

  10. We do NOT accept Workers' Compensation nor Disability Determination cases.   We do accept Personal Injury cases from Motor Vehicle Accidents. Make sure to bring your claim number from your insurance company to your first visit. Auto insurance requires paperwork more than what we ask, so please click the button below for Auto Accident, print the forms, fill them out before coming. If you have a police report ready, bring it with you too.

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Thanks for submitting!  We'll get back to you ASAP. 

During business hours, you can call us at 502-839-7171

NEW PATIENT Health History INTAKE Form

CALL 859-303-7000 to schedule your appointment first.  

AFTER your First Visit appointment is confirmed, click this PDF button, print the NEW PATIENT INTAKE FORMS fill them out at home or at work, bring them on your first visit with picture ID.  If you don't have these forms filled out, please show up 15-20 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time.

Auto Accident Injury Form (Personal Injury / PI)

CALL 859-303-7000 to schedule your appointment first.  

AFTER your First Visit appointment is confirmed, click this PDF button, print and fill them out at home or at work, bring them on your first visit with picture ID and your CLAIM NUMBER which you can  get from your  insurance agent.  If you don't have these forms filled out, please show up 15-20 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time.  

Authorization for Release of Medical Records

In cases where you want our doctors to review your past records, or we request you to provide previous Xray or MRI reports or treatment records, print, fill out this form, and email or fax to us or drop it at our office during business hours.

How Much Does It Cost?

HOW MUCH?  It depends on several things such as: the severity of your case, how many problems you have, what type of xrays you need, etc.  

Just like going to a dentist, while some people need to have a root canal or extraction of one or five teeth, some other people only need one filling or one dental cleaning session.  Two good news: our fees are affordable, and there is no charge for a consultation!  Call now 859-303-7000!

Is Chiropractic SAFE?

IS CHIROPRACTIC SAFE?  YES. Data from NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Company showed out of 43,000,000 chiropractic treatments by 24,000 chiropractors in one year, there were only 20 adverse events.  John Hopkins University reported 250,000 deaths in USA are from medical errors (BMJ May 2016). You are many many times more likely to DIE FROM A PAINKILLER than from chiropractic care. In the 1999-2004 period, drug Vioxx/rofecoxib caused 46,783 heart attack, 31,188 internal bleeding; while Celebrex/celecoxib caused 21,832 strokes and 69,654 bleeding/GI haemorrhages, an estimated 26,603 deaths. SMH.


How LONG until I get better?

HOW LONG UNTIL I GET BETTER?  Progress speed varies between people.  It depends on five things:

  1. Severity of your condition 

  2. Age

  3. Level of spinal + joint deterioration

  4. Occupation + daily activities

  5. Your commitment and compliance to stick to your treatment plan: keep your appointments, to do the things we tell you to do and avoid the things we tell you to avoid.

FIRST VISIT: What to Expect?


The first visit is all about you!   The doctor is going to sit down with you and listen to your concerns.  We want to know everything you can tell us about your condition and your health goals.  


We will then review your health history, do a thorough orthopedic neurologic chiropractic examination and if necessary, take a set of x-rays, to learn as much as possible about your condition.  Digital x-rays will then be sent to expert radiologists to be reviewed, if necessary.  If you are pregnant, then no x-rays will be taken.


This first visit should take around just over an hour depending on whether you have completed the necessary paperwork, depending on severity of your condition, and depending on your mobility.  This is the end of the first visit in most cases.  If you are pregnant, or referred to us by your midwife/nurse midwife/OB/GYN because of breeched pregnancy, we should be able to get you started immediately on the first day in most cases.


Depending on schedule availability, the doctor will then meet with you later that day OR the next business day to have a Review of Findings session and possibly start with your first adjustment/treatment.   This Review of Findings session is very important, we always request patient to bring spouse, significant other, or parent(s). 


During this Review of Findings, we will explain the findings from your consult, exam and x-rays (if taken), what kind of care you need, cost of care, and if chiropractic is what you need.  If you need to be referred to other specialist or if you need something other than what we provide – we will explain and recommend your best options. 


By the end of this report you will enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing what is causing your health concerns and what it will take to get to the solution.  No treatments will begin until you understand what is being recommended and ready to start care. 

Do you accept my Insurance?

INSURANCE?  More and more people have high deductible (over $500, $2,500, etc.) they must pay out of pocket before insurance will kick in.  We accept cash, personal check, money order, FLEX Spending card, credit cards, or Health Savings Account.  We accept those with major insurance companies, Health Savings, Flexible Spending FSA, as well as those with no insurance.  Bring your insurance card, photo ID and as a courtesy, we can call verify the coverage for you. 

Why do KIDS need chiropractic?

WHY KIDS?  With all the things babies and kids experience, it's a MIRACLE we all survived childhood.  Many spinal problems seen in adults began as early as birth when their fragile neck got yanked by hands, vacuum or forceps. Add to that months and years of regular childhood activities like climbing up / falling off the couch, skating or riding a bike, roughhousing, sports injuries, poor posture (gaming, backpack, car rides) over time accumulated injuries during rapid growth may lead to more serious health problems later in life.  This is why more parents bring their kids to us during these critical growth years!  Why do you rotate realign car's tires?  Should we wait until your kids grow up to be structurally damaged adults with symptoms like you before seeing a chiropractor, or now?

I got hurt in a CAR WRECK, now what?

 If you are badly hurt in a CAR WRECK, go to hospital ER first, then after they discharge you, come on in to get yourself realigned so you can heal better, faster.  Bring any test results from hospital to us.


You must also bring the Claim Number from your auto insurance, your photo ID, and the Personal Injury Form that you can download, print, and fill out BEFORE your appointment. The Police Report can be brought in later after you received them.


Here are some important concepts to help you understand chiropractic and our care better:

  1. Just because you didn't have a good experience in the past with other chiropractor(s), it doesn't mean chiropractic "doesn't work".  Just like trying to find a good plumber or a dentist, if you are not happy with one, find another one!   We got your back!   LOL.

  2. It takes time to get where you are today.  Problems didn't happen overnight.  Healing is a process, not an event.  Healing takes time.  

  3. Stick to your treatment plan, keep your appointments, do your homework. This is teamwork!  If we give 100% to help you, but you barely give 50% of what we asked of you, what do you expect?

  4. Chiropractic is not the treatment of diseases.  Chiropractic detects, finds, and restore nerve irritations or disturbances caused by misalignment of spinal vertebrae, as well as other skeletal joints, and in the process, allowing the nerve signals from the brain to be sent to various body parts, organs, tissues, at 100% without interference, which allows the body to self-heal and self-regulate better, leading to a balanced and vibrant health.

  5. Remember that we don't do the healing.  Your wonderfully designed body does. With each adjustment you receive, we help your body heal better and prevent future problems.   We like to say, "we move the bones, God does the healing."

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