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     My name is Bo Garrett. I am a Lead Guitarist with Montgomery Gentry.  A few years ago, during a band soundcheck, my left hand suddenly became very cold and subsequently lost ALL of its grip. When I say this, I mean to the point that I didn’t even have the ability to remove the cap from a carton of milk. As a guitarist, this could have been a career ending condition, rendering me incapable of compressing the strings.

     In a state of fear, I went to see Dr. Arthur Pangemanan, hoping to avoid surgery or at worst, losing the ability to do what I love most. After X-rays and a very detailed explanation of how a nerve was trapped in my shoulder, we began the treatment process.

    After a few visits, I began to notice a gradual return in my ability to squeeze with my left hand and, more importantly, play some guitar.  Through chiropractic care and proper exercise and maintenance, I was able to make a full recovery and am able to maintain a very busy tour schedule. My testimonial is not from hearsay. It is from real life experience that happened to me. Chiropractics work! Thank you, Doc Arthur! 

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Breeched Pregnancy

"After finding out my baby was still breech after the 32nd week of my pregnancy, my midwife turned it for me with external version.


Unfortunately the baby didn't stay, so she advised me to see a chiropractor who could perform the Webster Technique which is an adjustment specifically designed to balance the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons of the pelvis and uterus, and has been known to turn breech or malpositioned babies, specifically posterior and breech babies.


I went to my local chiropractor here in Liberty, Casey County who referred me to Dr. Pangemanan about 1.5 hour north from where we live, because he's the only one in the area that is trained to help pregnancy and pediatric cases. 


After having a "complete" chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Pangemanan, I later went to have an ultrasound taken and my baby has turned into the proper position! How blessed to have a natural delivery instead of a possible caesarean. Thank you Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca."  ~ Norma Shirk.


Prenatal Chiropractic

"I was referred here by my midwife during my pregnancy. I received amazing care the last few weeks before my son was born.


I can honestly say chiropractic care made a huge difference for me. My son was born easily and quickly and I credit Dr. Arthur and chiropractic care with some of that!


Both of my children have been adjusted here, myself and my husband continue to come here on a monthly basis to maintain the correction we have achieved. The atmosphere is so welcoming and Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca are so great with my kids. I highly recommend them to anyone!!  ~ Lauren Furlong


Infant Torticollis

"Bailey is our 6 month old, beautiful baby girl. She has been such a precious blessing to our lives. Being a first time mom, I was very fortunate to have an easy delivery with a happy, healthy baby. When I took Bailey for her 4 month check up, her pediatrician asked if I noticed her head tilted to the right. This was something I had never noticed before especially since she wasn't sitting up yet.


As soon as I looked, I could plainly see the tilt in her head to the right. The pediatrician explained that this was "torticollis" and referred me to a Physical Therapist for stretches. I was instantly full of guilt because it was something neither me nor anyone in my family had noticed. I was panicked because it was sticking out like a sore thumb!! 


As a previous patient for migraine headaches, I immediately knew that I was going to bring Bailey to see Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca. Several friends and family members have also received treatment at their office and I knew they could help my baby. Dr. Arthur did an excellent job of explaining torticollis to me and my family members. I instantly felt relief to know that she was in good hands and getting treatment to help put the vertebrae back in position instead of just exercises and stretches.


After a few treatments, you could see improvement in the way Bailey held her head. She also became more mobile in turning her head from side to side. Bailey is still continuing treatment but the way she holds her head has greatly improved.


I am very thankful for Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca and the care they have given Bailey. It it like going to see family instead of a doctor. I recommend that every mom bring their baby in for a scan even if everything seems to be going great. There may be something you can't see."  ~ Leslie Mitchell

Colicky 2 month old Baby helped by Pangemanan Chiropractic Central Kentucky

Colicky 2 month old Baby helped by Pangemanan Chiropractic Central Kentucky

Poor baby Iris was fussy, crying constantly, gassy, and wasn't able to sleep much since she was born. Mom brought her in at around 3 weeks old, and we discovered misaligned upper neck bones (C1, C2) vertebrae as well as sacrum from the birth process, which irritated and caused her pain as well as muscle spasms (torticollis) + parasympathetic nerve disturbances (pudendal nerve, sacral plexus, pelvic plexus, etc.) that control the bowel function, among many other functions. After her first chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Pangemanan using gentle instrument, she immediately quieted down, and was able to sleep deeply on her way home and for the rest of the day/night. Mom, Dad, and sister have since been sleeping much much better, too! :) Many doctors or parents often blame colic on certain food, allergy, genetic ("mom and grandma were the same way too!"), not having the right formula, gas in the stomach, intestinal upset, and all kinds of other random things. Try this, try that. Although each one of these may be true to a certain degree, the most obvious and most common cause of colic is often ignored: that is, the trauma from the birth process itself. Baby Iris here, thankfully was born at home, a planned, home water birth, attended by a midwife and a doula. No drug intervention or epidural or pitocin or anything. Most newborns in modern countries today, unfortunately, especially in America, most likely will be either stuck in the canal for a long time, breeched (more trauma to the baby's neck and spine), yanked with a forceps or vacuum (suction) or simply by hands. By the time a baby is born, s/he is already damaged often time. Sprain / strain to the neck or the spine. It's as if they just had multiple whiplash injuries from multiple car wrecks. Their wobbly neck is now so out of alignment, their muscles are locked up in spasms, nerves irritated, and now they can't even sleep. They are hurting, crying, and cannot be consoled. Many doctors and parents would even drug these babies to keep them asleep. Chiropractic care can help babies like these, naturally. In our office, our doctors use gentle instruments to adjust, and NOT using any traditional "popping/cracking" high-velocity adjustment in babies, kids, as well as adults. Dr. Rebecca and Dr. Arthur have served families from Frankfort, Lexington, Owenton, Nicholasville, Georgetown, Versailles, Harrodsburg, Lawrenceburg, and surrounding areas in Central Kentucky for almost ten years. Read and watch more testimonials at http://www.839-7171.com Visit our Facebook page and follow our posts: http://www.facebook.com/PangChiro Keywords: colicky, babies, fussy, spitting up, ear infection, chiropractic, insomnia, colic, torticollis, spasm, sleep, headache, migraine, neck pain, pregnancy, birth, pelvic, sacrum, spine.

No more migraines!!

"Before coming to Pangemanan Chiropractic, I had lower hip problems but before I had it replaced they kept me in line and provided me with the least pain possible.  Now I am able to keep a monthly maintenance that enables me to enjoy retirement and other functions.  If you have any problems with lower back, neck or just need a routine maintenance I recommend Dr. Pangemanan staff. It will make you feel good about everything and more." ~ Edwin McKee

No more migraines!!

"My first adjustment gave me a surprise within 24 hours. Being a chronic sufferer of migraines everyday, they were suddenly gone.  I've had migraines for so long that I can't remember when I didn't have one. Now I can tell you when my migraines stopped and how long they've been gone. I feel the best ever now, thanks to Dr. Arthur & Dr. Rebecca!" ~ Julie Banner


Baby sleep better, no more torticollis

"I started taking my baby, Tristan, to Dr. Arthur when he was only four months old. He would not sleep on his back so I thought maybe something was wrong. His back was out of alignment.   Now he was/is much happier over all after getting adjusted. We went twice a week for about a month.  Now, we go monthly for routine adjustments.  When we went in this week, he got on the table and let Dr. Arthur work on him without me having to hold him:-) I would highly recommend anyone with kids to go see Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca so they won't have problems as they get older. The whole staff is great!" ~ Melanie Johnson


Easy Labor, Successful VBAC, No More Constipation!

"I received chiropractic care during my pregnancy to prepare for the birth I wanted. I was thrilled to be able to have a successful VBAC with a short labor with no medical intervention. Now, my newborn is seen by Dr. Arthur for trouble with constipation. She has a bowel movement within an hour of every chiropractic visit. We have been thrilled with the care and the benefits associated with routine visits. The best thing is the personal attention and thoughtful education about overall health." ~ Kristin Hartley Garfie


Easy Labor, Successful VBAC, Constipated Baby

I received chiropractic care during my pregnancy to prepare for the birth I wanted. I was thrilled to be able to have a successful VBAC with a short labor with no medical intervention. Now, my newborn is seen by Dr. Arthur for trouble with constipation. She has a bowel movement within an hour of every chiropractic visit.

We have been thrilled with the care and the benefits associated with routine visits. The best thing is the personal attention and thoughtful education about overall health. ~ Kristin H. Griffie

Childhood Migraine Headaches

I took my 6-year old here for chronic headaches/migraines. He had his first adjustment today and they are all very nice and informative. I love the environment and you do not have a long wait. The office is very kid friendly, clean, and unique. They are very good to my son and we are hopeful that they can help his headaches. I give them 5 stars. We have no complaints.   


We received a follow up call later in the evening after his first adjustment, seeing how he was doing and such.  It's nice to know that they truly care about your child, enough to call you after working hours to see how your child is doing. I would give more than 5 stars if I could! I really feel they have my son's best interest at heart, and as a mom that means a lot and says even more about a place! I am so glad we were referred here! I feel he is in great hands, literally!  ~ Kayla Jones

Prenatal & Postpartum Chiropractic Care

Your chiropractic services were a huge blessing during the end of my pregnancy and through the postpartum period to help relieve stress on my neck/spine/pelvis due to pregnancy and nursing! ~ Ashley Swingle

Kids Sleep Better & Happier

I started taking my baby, Tristan, to Dr. Arthur when he was only four months old. He would not sleep on his back so I thought maybe something was wrong. His back was out of alignment. While he still wouldn't and still doesn't sleep on his back, he was/is much happier over all after getting adjusted.


We went twice a week for about a month. Now, we go monthly for routine adjustments. Since he is always falling, there is something always out of alignment! And, when we went in this week, he got on the table and let Dr. Arthur work on him without me having to hold him:-)


I would highly recommend anyone with kids to go see Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca so they won't have problems as they get older. The whole staff is great!

~ Melanie Johnson

No More Disabling Headaches

I haven't had a headache since the day I started treatment. I couldn't see straight at the end of almost every work day. Now I've got my life back.


My work ethic is back to where it was years ago and I can go go go all day long. I've been migraine free for weeks now. I couldn't be happier with the results and I would recommend at least trying chiropractic help to anyone who has headaches.


It had been a miracle in my life. Don't be afraid to try. Thank you!!  ~ Joshua Phillips

Toddler - No Ear Infection!


My toddler loves going here, it's a great atmosphere for kids. Both doctors are so caring and gentle that getting adjusted is a fun experience for her, which is huge for a little girl who used to scream no matter what kind of doctor's office we were in. The adjustments seem to make a big difference in her health also--haven't been to the pediatrician for an ear infection since we started! ~ Elizabeth Pomeroy 

Whole Family Care for Years!

The team at Max Family Chiropractic has helped my family with pain and mobility issues for years. From misc. traumas to regular maintenance adjustments, they have my back!  ~  William Sauders via Google Review

Better Sleep,

Whole Family Wellness

Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca are excellent professionals dedicated to each and every person's care. I highly recommend! Every time my neck or back is out of alignment, Dr. Rebecca will adjust me and I feel fantastic. Better sleep and no more aching neck and muscles. My husband agrees. They have treated our kids too and are kind and gentle with them. ~ Angela Dobbs

Happier & Healthier Family

Our whole family is happier and healthier because of our regular visits to Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca. Along with their amazing care and experience our kids actually enjoy going because of the way their office treats everyone like family.


They are flexible when things get hectic and always kind and accommodating when we need to reschedule appointments. For families with busy schedules that is really important. I go could on and on about the health issues/ problems they have helped us with and about how great their practice is!

~ Sarah Reeves

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Slipped Disc

Dr. Arthur has been outstanding to work with. He is incredibly knowledgeable and very detailed in his work. I have been to other Chiropractors where it’s “in and out” or “crack and go”. He I absolutely not that way. He uses very precise techniques that actually aligns your entire spine.

For me personally, I had a slipped disk and thought I was going to need surgery. I could not work and could hardly walk. I was in so much pain. I had seen a back cracker and he only made things worse. Dr. Arthur was recommended as a last minute hope before surgery.  Now, I am recovered and working out again. I can’t thank him enough for how he has helped me.

I would absolutely recommend Max-Family.  ~  Brent Rempe

Two easier pregnancies, labors and deliveries!    Midwives-recommended

"Dr. Arthur is the best chiropractor, and he's THE ONLY one I would trust to work with for pregnant mom's!! He is thorough in his assessments, and is highly skilled and trained in his treatment! I have never gone to a chiropractor ever before in my life, but my Midwife (Katie Isaac) wanted me to go and see Dr. Arthur specifically in order to better align my pelvic region and spine in preparation for my 2nd labor and delivery for the birth of my 2nd son. I was quite unsure at first about what the process would be like, but Dr. Arthur's demeanor was so caring, very attentive, and he really cares about the well-being and health of both the mom and your baby!!! I trust Dr. Arthur would never do anything to a pregnant mom to put her at risk for her health or the baby's health.

To give a frame of reference....in my 1st labor and delivery (this was before I started seeing Dr. Arthur, because I didn't start seeing him until my 2nd pregnancy) I was in active labor pushing for 3 and a half hours for the birth of my 1st son. I thought this was normal to be in active labor for so long because of it being my first time and first experience, but in my 2nd pregnancy my Midwife knew that my active labor was so long and intensive only because my pelvic region was out of alignment.


And once I started seeing Dr. Arthur, I learned that your active labor and overall pregnancy experience DOES NOT have to be so exhaustive and intensive!! I was able to withstand the pressure and feeling so uncomfortable and in pain during my third trimester only because I saw Dr. Arthur for treatment. Each time I saw him I was immediately able to feel more relaxed, very comfortable, and I was able to walk easily for over an hour at a time for better exercise.


So overall, I have seen Dr. Arthur for two rounds of treatment (for my 2nd pregnancy and also my 3rd pregnancy), and I went from pushing for 3 and a half hours in my 1st labor and delivery to pushing only 5-10 minutes total for BOTH of my labor and deliveries for my 2nd son and my 3rd son.


Again, I highly recommend Dr. Arthur because he truly has a unique gift for treating the pain and pressure difficulties that pregnant mom's have in their back and pelvic region!! He was able to figure out specialty problems that I had that no one else could diagnose (i.e., spasms in my stomach area), but he always found solutions to my problems. He doesn't rush you either in his work, he takes the time to listen and understand what your needs are. I would never go to anybody else but him, because he was the reason my labor and deliveries were so fast and smooth!!! :)  ~  Rhealynn Clark, via Google Review




If you have been "dealing with" your back or neck pain for so long isn't it time to do something about it? These guys will take extreme care of you and your back. Just an incredible experience every time I visit the office. Thanks for giving me back my sleep and my life. ~ Brandon Durr, Facebook Page Review


I am feeling better after having a chronic hip problem. The doctors really listen to you and are caring and professional. I feel welcome by the staff every time I come in and feel so much better when I leave. ~ Vicki Riddell-Peavler


Our Jon Paul (10 yrs old) LOVES Drs. Arthur and Rebecca!!! Their office staff is warm, friendly and makes everyone feel like family. We couldn't be happier with our chiropractic treatment! ~ Brittany Price


"When I stopped by Pangemanan Chiropractic to check if they could help me, they told me that they would not do anything without first taking x-rays and examination. This told me that they are professionals. 

I always doubted chiropractic practice before, but after a few treatments, I was convinced. I had no more pain, easier to move around, and we were able to prevent major problems from happening in the future by taking care of them now. 

The staff and the doctors were courteous and helpful, and they respond to my needs and concerns in a timely manner. They are very informative, open for discussions to help meeting my needs, and gave feedbacks.

Before coming to Pangemanan Chiropractic, I always had neck problems, tiredness, aches and pains, slow movement with pain. I used to take pain pills just to get through the day.

I was able to notice improvements since starting care with Dr. Rebecca. I had less pain, moving without pain, standing straighter, good body functions, etc. 

The things that set Pangemanan Chiropractic apart from other healthcare clinics out there are the facts that they are very open, friendly, open to discussion, listen to problems, easy painless treatments, for larger results" ~ Jerry Cammack


"We began seeing Dr. Arthur and Dr. Rebecca Pangemanan after my 2-year old daughter had fallen and had been limping for almost two weeks.  After a few adjustments she was good to go and has been much better ever since. 

I was impressed with their work so I made me an appointment. I didn't realize how out-of-whack my spine was until I saw the x-ray and I couldn't believe it; no wonder I was in pain and had such bad headaches. It really is amazing how much better I feel after going to see them the last couple weeks.   I highly recommend anyone to give them a try and guarantee you will feel much better."  ~ Angie Hornbeck


"My first impressions were good. I liked that Pangemanan Chiropractic is a family business and that they are friendly and knowledgeable. I was excited to be fixed and at the same time, educated on the process.

      Before coming to Pangemanan Chiropractic I had lived with severe lower back pain for over 5 years. My movement was limited and everyday I hoped that my pain wouldn’t be too bad. My daily activities were limited depending in how I was feeling. Even picking things up off the floor was challenging.

       Since starting care I have not been limited or inconvenienced by my back. I used to get up some mornings and have to sit back down due to the pressure in my lower back even before I could finish making breakfast. Now, a full day of chores, cooking, shopping, etc. doesn’t bother me. I don’t have to get my husband to do quite as much for me now.

      Pangemanan Chiropractic is great. They are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They know you when you walk in. Having a doctor that not only knows your name, but your condition and just you in general is great.” ~ Michelle Womack


"I began seeing Dr. Rebecca Pangemanan in May 2006, after herniating discs in my lower back about 1 ½ years earlier. As a result of my injury, I had suffered numb and tingling feet for about 15 months. (This is in addition to the low back pain I have suffered for more than 20 years.) The numbness and tingling were a great improvement over the excruciating pain that had radiated down my leg for about three months immediately after the injury, so I tried to minimize my complaining. However, the injury changed my life.

At the acute stage, my general practitioner had contributed her advice, a referral to a physical therapist and a neurosurgeon, and a prescription for pain medicine and anti-inflammatories. 

The neurosurgeon, after telling me I was not a surgical candidate, added additional advice about modifying and limiting my activities and told me that it would take “a long time” for the tingling and numbness in my feet to disappear. An excellent physical therapist helped me deal with the pain during the acute stages, provided instruction and guidance for exercises and stretches to strengthen my back and core muscles to minimize the likelihood of re-injury, and encouraged me to remain as active as possible.

I have always been very active. I love working around my home—everything from cutting and clearing huge bushes and small trees on the 10 acres where I live to cleaning gutters, power-washing the siding and deck, and stripping wallpaper and painting rooms in the old house where I live. I have jogged for about 25 years, and I hike, cross-country and downhill ski, play very bad tennis, ride a bike, and canoe a bit.

For the 15 months before I saw Dr. Rebecca, I substantially limited these activities, and often was in a foul mood about it. We began hiring a nephew to do much of the yard work that I loved. He, and not I, helped clear bushes, make a wall for the flower garden, and shovel topsoil. Last fall, he climbed the ladder to power wash the siding on the second story of the house. He carried ladders and moved furniture. I did almost none of this. Additionally, I almost never carried groceries into the house or carried my own suitcase or laptop when I traveled. I quit running, canoeing and downhill skiing, and reduced the level of intensity of my other sports.

After 15 months of this life, not only had my bad mood and the tingling and numbness in my feet continued, but I also started having severe foot pain. This added complication finally pushed me to seek additional treatment. While I was trying to figure out who to see and where to go, I talked with my new general practitioner about my symptoms and my concern about permanent nerve damage. He changed my anti-inflammatory medication but was not able to offer much other help. During this same time, I encountered Dr. Rebecca at a health fair. We discussed my symptoms and concerns, and she suggested I come in for diagnostic tests and a consultation. Since then, she has changed my life again, and this time for the better.

Within three weeks of starting treatment with Dr. Rebecca, my foot pain was virtually gone. Although the pain occasionally comes back, the intensity is dramatically reduced and it is of short duration. The low back pain I have lived with for most of my life has decreased each month, and is usually nonexistent. While I still have some tingling and numbness in my feet, the intensity is substantially reduced and I often can make it disappear by simply changing my position. 

This fall, after four months of treatment with Dr. Rebecca, I have cleared brush, moved furniture, lugged a vacuum cleaner around the house, and climbed on a ladder to power wash siding and paint walls and a ceiling. I often carry my own suitcase and computer now when traveling, and I always unload groceries. I rode in an 18-mile bike race this summer, have played some tennis and have hiked several miles on multiple occasions. Dr. Rebecca gets the credit for all of this. My symptoms are substantially improved while, at the same time, my level of activity has increased fairly dramatically. I am regaining my life—Dr. Rebecca has helped me recover functional skills that are important to me. As I continue my chiropractic care with her, I am optimistic that my symptoms will continue to improve and I am confident that she can help me stay active and functional for the future.

Visits to Dr. Rebecca are quick and low stress. Usually my wait is less than 2 minutes, and I almost never wait more than 4-5 minutes. I am almost always in and out of the office in 15 minutes or less.

Several months ago, I referred a friend who had been advised by her medical doctor that surgery was the next step for her carpal tunnel pain. She has been seeing Dr. Rebecca since June and recently told me that she now has only occasional numbness in her hands, but it is infrequent and dramatically reduced in intensity. I referred a second friend who had relatively minor symptoms and is now receiving curative and preventative care from Dr. Arthur. I am a converted skeptic and am most appreciative for the care I am receiving." 

~ Ava Crow


SAVES you money

“The largest study on how chiropractic care affects the cost of health care was conducted by American Specialty Health Plans Inc. of San Diego who compared four (4) years of medical claims from two groups: 1 million members with and without chiropractic care.

The findings were published in Archives of Internal Medicine (Oct. 2004) and WebMD, which confirmed that chiropractic care:

• Cut the cost of treating pain by 28%.

• Chiropractic care reduced 41% hospitalizations.

• Reduced back surgeries by 32%.

• Chiropractic care reduced the cost of medical imaging, such as X-rays or MRIs, by 37%."


*Study led by Antonio P. Legorreta, MD, MPH and Helen Oster Chernicoff, MD, MSHS from the UCLA School of Public Health, Los Angeles, California, Archives of Internal Medicine 2004.